We strengthen, inspire and connect women through dance

At Third Eye Tribal, we strengthen, inspire and connect women through dance.
Want to get in shape, have fun with friends, and try something new? Join a belly dance class today.

You will experience the transformative power of dance to tone, strengthen and increase your overall fitness while you have fun socializing with other women!

You will learn movements that are friendly to the female body and can tone and strengthen your core muscles, improve flexibility, reduce stress, burn calories and improve your balance and coordination.

As soon as you walk in to our welcoming class, you feel something different. This isn’t just a place where people come to sweat. You will find friends and inspiration here.

If you are looking for a unique and entertaining way to celebrate a special occasion with friends, hire us to provide interactive entertainment for your next party or event. Your guests will be delighted with a belly dance or hula lesson and a performance. You can even add henna to your special event.

A little about the founder, Terri Allred

Terri has channeled her life-long passion for study of dance to create a dance experience just for you. Whether you take a class, schedule a workshop or book a party, Terri will make sure that your experience is fabulous.

During her years as Executive Director of several Rape Crisis and Women’s Centers in Tennessee, Ohio and North Carolina, she learned the importance of service for and acceptance of all women. You will find this attitude in all of her classes with individual attention, small class sizes and welcoming style. It doesn’t matter if you have danced before or always considered yourself to have “two left feet”. You will feel welcome and find your inner dancing queen at Third Eye Tribal.

In 2002, Terri suffered a head injury at a fundraiser for her nonprofit. It was a freak accident that changed her life completely. During her rehabilitation, her physical therapist suggested that she take a dance class to help in the recovery. She found a local belly dance teacher in North Carolina (Aziza Fadwa) and the journey began.

Because of this experience, you will find compassionate acceptance of injury, chronic illness, life transitions, lack of coordination or any other potential obstacle that has kept you from exercise or self expression.  All belly dance classes offer gentle, non-impact aerobic exercise.

Comraderie at Third Eye Belly DanceIf you are looking for performance opportunities or performers for your event, you can find student troupes and professional troupes at Third Eye Tribal. Sadiya is the Director of and performs locally with Third Eye Tribal.  She is also the Director of Darshana Tribal, a group comprised of dancers from Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Her studio troupe, Deosil is also available to add extra performers for your event.  You can hire an individual dancer or a group for your party. You can even book a party for your children to learn hula, belly dance or experience the Indian art of henna.

Terri has studied with many of the best teachers in the world representing a variety of styles including classical Egyptian, Turkish, Indian, Tribal Fusion, American Tribal Style® and American Belly Dance. This commitment to excellence ensures that you are receiving the best dance instruction from a well trained professional in her field.  Terri is licensed to teach Zumba Basic and Zumbatomic (Zumba for kids).  She has also received her certification to instruct American Tribal Style® dance and has been accepted to be a prestigious “Sister Studio” to FatChanceBellyDance® in San Francisco. She is the first belly dance instructor in Rochester and one of only four in MN to receive a comprehensive training and certification to teach belly dance.

One of Sadiya’s students, Mary, recently wrote in a nomination for the Champion of Diversity award (which Sadiya won).

Her new dance studio and her philosophy of acceptance of all types of differences— cultural, age, size and shape, social position, talent or lack of it, etc. make her a Model for Diversity! Through her classes and as members of a caring group, people improve their body image and find peace with themselves as they are. It means so much to these students that we all want to share the experience with everyone else. She is more than a business woman—she truly cares about each and every person she comes in contact with, and her classes are a joy to attend. The atmosphere is family-centered, totally and honestly accepting; and it is reflected by all her students in their relationship with each other.

To read more about Terri and her journey to health, follow this link to find her featured in the Rochester Women magazine.

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