Explore your artistic side — and have fun exercising at the same time!

Intrigued but not convinced? Are these excuses holding you back?

  • I have two left feet, or, I have never danced before
  • I am out of shape
  • I can’t afford it
  • I am too busy

What if you could express yourself while exercising and socializing with other women?

Professional instructor, performer and founder, Terri Allred, is the first belly dance instructor in Rochester licensed to teach belly dance and trained to help women just like you find their inner dancing queen!

Her class sizes are small with individual attention — One size instruction does not fit all at Third Eye Belly Dance.

Terri tailors her class curriculums to the participants in any given class so that you get exactly what YOU need to succeed.

Our signature dance is belly dance, which is low impact, core strengthening and as aerobic as you want it to be. Belly dance has been proven to improve posture and muscle toning, promote weight loss, and help relieve stress.

Low class fees and a flexible attendance policy make our classes ideal for your crazy life.

Leave the dishes in the sink tonight and come to class — on me!

What do you have to lose?

Tuesdays at Tippi Toes Dance Studio

6:30pm – ATS® Level 1 Belly Dance / Beginning Belly Dance

7:00pm – ATS® Level 2/3 Belly Dance


We had the most amazing teacher

  • We had the most amazing teacher

    We had the most amazing teacher. She runs the Rochester International Dance Studio, and was as gracious and beautiful as the dance itself. She took the time to explain the history of, the art to and the beauty that is belly dancing. She even did a performance for us which we watched as she put herself onto a drum (that shouldn’t hold people) and swayed to the music without moving that thing one ounce.

    We all got to put on waist sashes that jingled when you moved. It was hard to breath without making a jingle, which made it even more fun.

    The art to the finger tambourines… amazing! She was playing one tune on one hand and another tune in a completely different rhythm on the other. A. MAZE. ING!!!”