Am I too old, young, out of shape, (fill in the blank) for belly dance?

You are just right for belly dance. The movements of belly dance are ancient and female centered. We have students who range in age from 2-77 years old. We have students of all sizes and shapes. We believe that belly dance is a fabulous form of exercise and expression
for all women.

Because our classes are taught for the actual physical students present in the room, you will receive attention based on your fitness and skill level. We keep our classes small so that each student receives individual attention. You will find that some women are great at
one move while others excel at another. The nature of the dance allows for progression at varying speeds within the same class.

Learning belly dance is very much like learning the alphabet. You learn the letters, or isolations. Then you begin to form words from your letters, or combinations from your isolations. Finally, you make phrases or short sentences, combining isolations with arm movements, travelling and layering moves on top of each other. So, a teacher can have one student doing a basic isolation while another student is layering arms over that isolation.

Everyone can progress within the same class at the speed and complexity that they are most comfortable with!