Do I have to perform? Or Can I perform?

There are many reasons why a person may study belly dance- for health and fitness, for social or relaxation purposes, to gain confidence and self-acceptance, to learn a new skill, to do something for yourself, because it is fun, to express yourself creatively, to learn to feel comfortable in your own skin. The list goes on…. You never have to perform. It is ok just to take classes and enjoy dancing.

If you want to perform, we provide many opportunities for performance during studio only Haflas (belly dance parties), community events and shows. Many students come to belly dance thinking that they never want to perform and then decide that it is really fun. For advanced beginning, intermediate and advanced students, we offer two student troupes in which you can participate. We have a professional troupe associated with the studio, Shaia Dance Collective. For those students who have been studying for several years and want to perform professionally, membership in Shaia is a possibility.