What should I wear to class? What about shoes?

You will need to wear something you can move freely in, like yoga pants and a t-shirt. It doesn’t need to show your belly or be tight fitting. Most folks begin class in pants and t- shirts and then ultimately move to tighter fitting tank tops or sport bras as they become for comfortable with their bodies and realize the benefit of being able to see what the belly is doing. You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Some women like to dance in skirts or wear ethnic jewelry. It helps them feel more festive. We encourage a wrap around your hips. You can bring a scarf from home or we have coin hip wraps that you can borrow or purchase at the studio. It is way more fun to jingle while you dance!

Most belly dancers dance in bare feet. Our dance floor is a smooth wooden floor so socks are too slippery. Some folks prefer to wear shoes for various health reasons. Sneakers generally don’t work well because they stick to the floor. However, dance sneakers, jazz-
type shoes or any smooth soled shoe that allows your foot to flex works well.

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