Add a Belly Dance or Hula performance or lesson to your next Special Event!

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your special occasion? We have just the right party package to leave your guests talking for months. All of our party packages are family friendly. We do not provide entertainment for all male audiences.

We call our services “interactive entertainment” because we can blend performance, teaching, and crowd interaction to create the perfect entertainment and atmosphere for your party. We can come to you, or if you are looking for a great venue for your special event, we are happy to offer our beautiful studio space.

We provide family-friendly entertainment, create a fun and festive atmosphere and “break the ice” encouraging your party goers to join in the fun and get to know each other. You can hire an individual dancer or a group of dancers. We can perform as a show or in the background for ambiance.

At no extra charge, we can add a lesson for your guests!

Perfect for:

  1. A birthday surprise (adult or kids)
  2. Women’s gatherings
  3. Bachelorette parties
  4. Wedding receptions
  5. Family reunions
  6. Book clubs
  7. Staff retreats

Call us now or fill in the contact form below, so that we can help you shake (and shimmy) things up at your next party. When you book your party with us, the guest of honor (e.g., birthday girl, bride to be…) gets a free hip scarf. Don’t have a guest of honor? You can give it as a door prize!

Rates begin at $125/hour

Just for fun – Shimmy Party

Want to add some excitement to your next gathering of girl-friends? Invite Terri to help you shake (and shimmy) things up.

We offer Shimmy Parties for any occasion or for a non-occasion. You and your friends will have a blast with our Shimmy Party which includes a mini-lesson and prizes for your guests.

Rates begin at $125/hour.

  • We had the most amazing teacher

    We had the most amazing teacher. She runs the Rochester International Dance Studio, and was as gracious and beautiful as the dance itself. She took the time to explain the history of, the art to and the beauty that is belly dancing. She even did a performance for us which we watched as she put herself onto a drum (that shouldn’t hold people) and swayed to the music without moving that thing one ounce.

    We all got to put on waist sashes that jingled when you moved. It was hard to breath without making a jingle, which made it even more fun.

    The art to the finger tambourines… amazing! She was playing one tune on one hand and another tune in a completely different rhythm on the other. A. MAZE. ING!!!”


Henna Party

Henna or Mendhi is a traditional Indian body art.

We make the henna “tattoo” or stain by hand with all natural ingredients. We don’t purchase pre-mixed henna like many other artists use. This ensures that you know exactly what is being used on the skin.

We can add henna to your belly dance or hula party or schedule a henna party all on it’s own. Our artists create beautiful henna drawings that last up to two weeks.


  • ½ hour of henna- $50 (approximately 5-7 drawings)
  • 1 hour of henna- $100 (approximately 10-15 drawings)

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