Coco Loco Jewelry

md_81_EFW-868-LRGE_TAN“At Coco Loco we specialize in hand-carved, organic jewelry made from natural materials such as: Coconut, Exotic Hardwoods, Seeds, Shell, Horn and Bone.

Originated by tribal peoples from around the world, Coco Loco’s aim is to help sustain their culture by maintaining these forms of traditional art and adornment.

Coco Loco is proud to be a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company. Coco Loco supports over 50 artisans around the globe and strive beyond fair trade. We work directly with all of our carvers and artists making sure that their quality of life is maintained, preserved and improved. Taking special care to source natural materials with an environmentalist mindset, we enjoy the satisfaction of finding and making beautiful jewelry out of recycled, salvaged and sustainably harvested materials.

These days, this style of tribal jewelry is also often worn by travelers. Inspired by these cultures, these travelers have carried it with them to many corners of the earth, bringing ancient tribal art and adornment into the realm of modern day western civilization. It is said, that when worn, this distinct jewelry often brings the traveler good luck. Whether a local or another traveler, has seen the jewelry, the two are bound to spark a conversation and exchange stories.

Coco Loco would like to thank all of those who have exchanged these positive stories. Thank you to all of those who have sheltered the traveler along the way. Thank you to all those who trust and are trustworthy. Many thanks to all of those who believe in the dream of peace and unity.

The faithful never stand alone. Peace will gather. Our doorsteps are only footsteps away.

We are all connected.

Give thanks for Life.”

Coco Loco



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