• Spectacular Performance by Shaia Dance Collective

    For the last two years, as coordinator of the Artistage portion of the annual Artigras Arts festival here in Rochester, it has been my pleasure to hire the Shaia Dance Collective to be the closing act for the festival.

    Both of these performances have been spectacular, from the perspective of how moved and involved the crowd was, both years, and when it is taken into account how appropriate for this venue Shaia Dance Collective really is.

    As a local artist and supporter of the arts, I have grown to appreciate the respect for history and culture that Shaia Dance Collective incorporates into their shows, delighting and instructing their audiences, which range from the very young to the more mature in nature.

    I look forward to experiencing this group as many times as I can in the future; they are an absolute treat for the eyes and ears to behold.

    Artistage coordinator
    Artistage coordinator Parties
  • We had the most amazing teacher

    We had the most amazing teacher. She runs the Rochester International Dance Studio, and was as gracious and beautiful as the dance itself. She took the time to explain the history of, the art to and the beauty that is belly dancing. She even did a performance for us which we watched as she put herself onto a drum (that shouldn’t hold people) and swayed to the music without moving that thing one ounce.

    We all got to put on waist sashes that jingled when you moved. It was hard to breath without making a jingle, which made it even more fun.

    The art to the finger tambourines… amazing! She was playing one tune on one hand and another tune in a completely different rhythm on the other. A. MAZE. ING!!!”

  • Thank you Sadiya

    Sadiya's instruction embraces the incredible truth that women of all ages and backgrounds are unique and beautiful! She provides each individual with special attention and positive feedback.

    Her classes are a fun and joyful exploration of the fine art of belly dance

  • Gratitude for camaraderie

    Thank you Terri, you are truly a wonderful person, you are the first person I talked with when I was interested in taking classes at the studio and while I still had to get over a lot of my initial fear, you are a very important part of my feeling more confident with dance and more confident in life.

    I love the camaraderie present at the studio, thank you for allowing me to be a part of that. You, Laura, and Dyana are often a part of my prayers of gratitude. I am so thankful and feel blessed to know you all."

    Tricia Classes
  • Blessing of dance

    Thanks for letting me dance and learn from you. This is a blessing to me more then I can put into words

    Student of Sadiya
    Student of Sadiya classes
  • Wonderful staff

    You and your staff are absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere is a always positive,

    I really appreciate your detail teaching on the history and mechanics of the belly dance, your attention to each student and very welcoming spirit. Your studio is clean and warm, I really enjoy it

  • I absolutely love my dance class!

    Sadiya is a great teacher. I am a beginner so I really appreciate the way she breaks down each move and makes learning so much fun

    Sujeeva Classes
  • It was the party I always wanted!

    I love the hip shimmy. Terri is very nice and she has great belly dance moves

    A child in one of Terri's belly dance classes
    A child in one of Terri's belly dance classes Classes
  • Belly Dance is Better than Prozac

    Anon student
    Anon student Classes
  • We've been so lucky to take Mother-Daughter Belly Dance class!

    My daughter's party was the culmination of a year of loving, body-positive fun and learning

    Rachel Farber
    Rachel Farber Classes
  • You ladies are amazing, talented, and lovely!

    “Mahalo nui loa (Thank You) for adding to the geniune tropical and neighborly feel of RLuau.”

    Renee Jones Lafflam
    Renee Jones Lafflam Parties
  • I would like to express my most sincere debt of gratitude to you.

    Thank you and your sisters for being a part of our first annual Sakatah Arts Experience. I cannot find the words to express what an important part of the experience you expressed and shared with our audience and vendors. I hope you might see the emotion I feel in my heart.

    I have to admit there was some skeptisism when I proposed your troupe coming over to entertain us. I am pleased as I think no one would or could disagree that your performance was a highlight of the summer for many people.

    It is my sincere hope, what we have offered to the puiblic will open their eyes to what wonders and possibilities often escape us living in a small community where we often do not see or smell or feel the beauty that is always out there yet within our reach.

    You have helped bring out the little girl in the old girl and the virility of the weak!

    Mark Moller, Festival Organizer
    Mark Moller, Festival Organizer Events