Third Eye Tribal Consulting and the Belly Dance Business Academy

Do you need help focusing on the larger picture, establishing and actualizing your goals?

Do you wish you had someone with whom you could seek advice or counseling about problems facing your business?

Are interpersonal conflicts getting in the way of you achieving your dreams?

We can help. With more than 50 combined years running small businesses and nonprofits and providing counseling and consultation, we bring a wealth of information and resources to you and your business.

Third Eye Tribal Consulting Services for all of your business needs.

  • Personal Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Event Planning, Fundraising and Resource Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Troupe Coaching
  • Individual Consultations- Group Consultations- Workshops

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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching helps you improve your effectiveness, enhance your quality of life and maximize your success. Personal coaching is an ongoing relationship for the specific purpose of helping you move toward the realization of your vision or goals. We use a process of self-assessment and personal discovery to build your level of awareness and insight. You will receive structure, support and feedback toward achieving stated, measurable goals.

You will find a blend of a personal consultant, trainer, advisor, and motivator, when you work with Third Eye Tribal Consulting. You are the expert. Our job is to help you find that inner wisdom and intuition that you already have.

Anyone can benefit from coaching. Here are some of the topics that are often discussed in a coaching session.

1.  Self-motivated, individual behavior change (for example, stopping habits, practicing better self-care, assertive communication)

2.  Conflict management- Do you find yourself unsure of how to handle conflict?

3.  Personal achievement or business planning- Set a goal and reach it.

Strategic Planning: Creating a Roadmap to Arrive at Your Destination

Whether your goal is to become an instructor, increase class attendance, open your own business or raise funds for a charitable project, strategic planning can be a valuable tool for actualizing your vision.

We can help you identify your goal, quantify the necessary steps to achieve your goal, locate resources and implement a plan.  We are able to help with your initial plan only, or with ongoing evaluation until your goal or project is achieved.

This service is offered as private or group consultation.  We are happy to work with individuals, planning teams, troupes or businesses.

Event Planning, Fundraising and Resource Management

Small businesses, troupes and nonprofits are often faced with the need to raise funds via donations, events or grants.  Third Eye Tribal is able to help you with planning and/or implementing your next fundraising campaign.

This service is would be beneficial for

1.  Creating a crowd funding campaign (Kickstarter etc.) to fund your project, trip or training.

2.  Creating a fundraising plan to help you open your own studio.

3.  Planning an event or conference.

4.  Raising money to send your troupe to a special event or performance.

5.  Grant identification and writing.


Third Eye Tribal Consulting has over 25 years of fundraising, event planning and donor management experience.

Conflict Resolution and Coaching

Conflict is a part of life.  It can be stressful and uncomfortable or an opportunity for increasing understanding and deepening relationships.  Understanding our own conflict resolution styles can help us succeed in our personal and professional lives.

If you would like to learn more about your conflict resolution style and potentially revise your approach to conflict, a conflict consultation may be right for you.  We can help you understand your own style and learn how to interact more successfully in conflict.

If you are facing a conflict and need assistance, conflict coaching allows you to talk about your conflict with a neutral third party (the conflict coach), consider options for managing the conflict, and design an approach to discuss the conflict with the other person.  Conflict coaching can be used as a stand-alone process, or can be practiced with each of the parties in separate meetings during mediation.

Third Eye Tribal Consulting offers this service as a private consultation, mediation and workshop for your group or troupe.

Business Coaching

Business Consulting can help those dancers who are just starting out in business or those who are looking to move to the next level. Third Eye Consulting is available to help you with your business needs including:

Business Planning

Marketing Strategies

Tips for increasing your enrollment

Nonprofit issues

Policy development (Personnel, Student Handbooks, Attendance policies, etc.)

Grant funding

Human Resources


This program is also a part of FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. Tribal Counsel.

All consultations are private and confidential.

Troupe Coaching

For dancers who are thinking of starting a troupe, or already have a troupe, I can provide you with advice, helpful hints and problem solving. Maybe your dance troupe is “stuck” and need help with:


Developing healthy troupe dynamics

Structuring troupe contracts or guidelines

Creating successful communication structures within troupes

Utilizing tools for resolving conflict

How to start a troupe (what to think of before you start inviting people)

How to collaborate so that everyone succeeds


All consultations are private and confidential.

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