Health Benefits of Belly Dance- Stress Reduction

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laughing women at RIDSIn this day and age of almost continuous stress, the subtle rhythms of belly dance and the traditional movements arre calming.  The repetitive movements of the dance and the concentration needed to do them can help a mind filled with daily stress to “let go” for a while and relax.  It’s hard to worry about deadlines at work when you are thining about getting that next drop just right, or while making sure that you are in time with the music.

One effect of stress is that our bodies tense up, causing contractions or spasms in muscle groups, such as those in the neck, shoulders, or back.  When a muscle is contracted, lactic acid builds up, causing the “soreness” or pain that occurs.  Blood flow to the affected muscles decreases as well.

Belly dance, on the other hand, gently stretches and uses these vulnerable muscle groups, and as they are utilized, blood flow increases and lactic acid is flushed away.  Stressed muscles relax as they are gently exercised, relieving the “clenched” muscles often seen in our society.  The body becomes supple and limber, and practitioners frequently report that pain diminishes int he back and neck areas.

Belly dance is a fun, healthy way to exercise.  It can be a creative outlet that conditions, tones and allows a women to tune into the natural movements of her body.  It can refresh, relax, and exhilarate.  So why wait?  Visit Rochester International Dance Studio and join in this centuries old dance!