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Dancing with Veil for ATS®

Adding veil to your ATS® improvisation creates a new dimension of movement and texture.   Terri will teach you how to choose the right veil for you, how to make friends with your veil and how to trouble shoot common veil performance problems.

We will adapt several ATS® movements for use with veil and will learn a few new movements that are beautiful for highlighting the veil.  You will leave the workshop with the ability to integrate veil into your ATS® slow and fast performance sets.  Please be proficient in ATS® level 1 and 2 movements.

Duration: 2 hrs.

Bellydance Meditation

Center your body and mind in order to create the optimal conditions for dance. Release your body’s natural energy through this series of movements and combinations designed to awaken your inner goddess.

Celebrate your body, the uniqueness of your movement and the energy that motivates you.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Ethical Practice: Teaching, Troupes and Collaboration with Other Dancers

Are you struggling with ethical issues in your dance life?  Do you have problems with students or troupe member’s behavior?  Learn how to identify your own ethical framework and make decisions regarding your life and business grounded in YOUR values. Terri utilizes her ethical training from a Master of Theological Studies to explore the ethical relationship between an instructor, her students and her colleagues. In this interactive workshop,

Terri will help you identify and create a plan to implement your own ethical model.  This workshop can be adapted to fit the needs of the group who is seeking instruction.  For example, instructors might want to learn about how to approach their teaching relationships from a values-based framework.  Business owners might want to think about dealing with competition or interacting with other dancers in the community.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Turbo Technique for ATS®

Each ATS® movement requires multiple isolations in the body that we often don’t break down or drill.  In this workshop, learn to strengthen your movements through attention to isolations.  By learning and drilling isolations specifically designed to strengthen each ATS® movement, your movements will become more precise as your layering is clearer.

You will learn to dance with precision by attending to the muscular or skeletal motivator behind each movement. This workshop is designed for the student looking to enhance her practice and for the instructor seeking new material for class drilling.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Exploring Themes and Emotions in ATS®

Would you like to add energy and purpose to a slow performance or more clearly define the intent of fast performances? We will explore how to create a story adding emotional depth to your performance.  You will connect with your dance partners at a deeper level and your audience will receive a clearer message from you when you perform.

We will choose music to set the tone for our expression and utilize movements that enhance the sharing of that message. Please be proficient in ATS® level 1 and 2 movements.

Duration: 2 hrs.

Performance Skills and Stage Presence

Everyone has a stage presence.  You are telling the audience a story the second you come into their view.  The question is; are you telling them the story you want them to hear?  Are your facial expression and body language telling the same story?

Are dancers in your group presenting very different stage personas and confusing or worse yet, alienating the audience? Learn to identify and create your desired stage presence.  Connect with your audience on a completely new level.

Duration: 2 hours

Candle Performance for ATS®

Terri will teach you the basics of dancing with candles as a beautiful prop for improvisational dance.  Learn slow ATS® movements that can be modified for candle use.

This workshop will be taught with battery operated candles rather than live flame.

Duration: 1-2 hours

ATS® with Props Sampler

In this introductory sampler to props, Terri will teach you the basics of dancing with the veil, basket, fan, sword or candles.  Can’t decide? You don’t have to.  Pick 2 or 3.  Master the basics of each prop including learning several slow and fast movements utilizing each one.

Duration: 2 hours

The ATS® Soloist

Although ATS® is a group improvisational dance, many dancers find themselves presenting a solo performance.  As a solo improvisational cabaret dancer, Terri learned many helpful hints and creative techniques to captivate the audience for solo performances.

Whether you are taking the stage by yourself or with a chorus, Terri can help your performance shine.

Duration: 2 hrs

Shimmy, Twirl and Lock: An Introduction to Belly Dance

There are many unique and interesting styles of belly dance with different movement, costuming and music. Learn about the three most popular styles and find the right one for you. Cabaret style is often seen in restaurants and shows.  Dancers wear glittery costumes and dance with veils and other props. American Tribal Style® is a celebratory fusion of belly dance, flamenco, Indian dance and western dance characterized by group improvisation.

Finally, for those young or young at heart, Steampunk is an edgy new style with hip hop influences, popping, locking and ticking. Sample them all with this introductory workshop.

Duration: 2 hours

Developing your own Dance Practice

Do you struggle with maintaining a practice schedule at home? Do you wish you knew what to do to supplement your weekly classes? Terri will teach you how to create your own dance practice at home utilizing whatever time is available to you. She will teach you the basics of an “at home” practice and tailor a practice to meet your specific dance needs and level.

This workshop will include a 1 hour follow up meeting with each student (to be scheduled) to help you personalize the general plan that you will learn in the workshop.

Introduction to American Tribal Style® Dance

Join Terri, a certified ATS® teacher and Sister Studio to FatChanceBellyDance® as she introduces you to the beauty, grace and strength of American Tribal Style®. You will learn the basic movement vocabulary, leading and following and cueing.

Drum Solos for ATS®

Often the most spectacular dance in a belly dancer’s repertoire, the drum solo can be intimidating. Terri will demonstrate how to break down the music to manageable pieces.  She will teach you how to dance to the rhythm of the dum, tek, ka with precision and energy.

She will show you how to map a song to create your own performance!

Just the Facts, Ma’am

In this beginning ATS® workshop, we will cover the basics including slow (Taxeem, Body Wave, Arm Undulations and Hand Flureo) and fast (Basic Egyptian, Arabic, Shimmy and Hip Bump) movements to get you started or re-invigorate you on your ATS® journey.

We will also add finger cymbals and basic formations to have you dancing by the end!

Duration: 2 hours

Double Trouble

In this fun workshop filled with fast and slow movements, we will move beyond Level 1 into the “double trouble” of Level 2.  We will review several movements from the Level 2 vocabulary including slow and fast movements.

Select movements yourself or let me choose.  Either way, you will be performing these movements in no time.

Duration: 2 hours

Put on Your Big Girl Pants!

Ready to move beyond Level 1 and 2 into more complex movements?  Terri will teach you Level 3 fast movements including: Arabic 123, Waterpot, Arabic Hip Twist with Flourish, Sunanda, Re-Shamka, Chico 4 corners and Wet Dog.

We will break down each movement so that you can dance with precision and style (in your big girl pants).

Duration: 2 hours

Honey and Molasses

Slow movements require stamina, muscle control and keen attention to details.  Join Terri as she teaches you how to activate the “pathway to the position” using visualizations and breathing.

Your slow movements will literally drip when we get finished.  This workshop can be tailored to any skill level.

Duration: 2 hours

Fun-Filled Fades and Transitions

Smooth fades and transitions are the icing on the ATS® cake.  Learn how to whip up some great new fades and transitions as well as perfect the old stand-bys.

We will review fades including the Sassy Switch (developed by Dawn Ruckert) and circle up transitions.

Duration: 2 hrs.

Join Terri for specialty workshops scheduled periodically at the studio.

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